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Franca’s Products

Prodotti-ArtigianiI have gone to great lengths to reproduce the basic quality and products that you can enjoy today. Everything I produce is still done by hand. Every last mushroom is chopped by hand – somehow it just tastes better! Every sauce is created through a process of taste and taste again to make sure nothing is left to chance. It tastes great because I have taken the time to use the best and freshest ingredients to create unique flavours that just…work!

Products are produced when ingredients are in season, therefore at their best. All ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible. I buy organic wherever possible but haven’t always got the room on the labels to say so!

Most of my products are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics and are gluten free unless otherwise stated.

In my regular range I have a wide selection. My bruschetta toppings include garlic mushroom, kalamata olive and tomato, while antipasti items offer both tiger and green tomatoes, together with salsas, pesto, whole red chillies and my latest addition – the fabulously tasty peperoncino sotto olio (mixed chillies in oil).

I produce several different oils and vinegars too. These include flavoured chilli oil, olive oil (of course!) and my own balsamic vinegar reduction. The latter two, when combined, make the most amazing dipping sauce with fresh Italian style bread the perfect way to start any meal.

And of course I am famous for my sauces which contain only natural ingredients and no preservatives and are simmered for hours to thicken and develop flavours. Most of them are low in fat and contain only natural sugars.

The products are extremely versatile. They can be used as starters, snacks, tapas, for picnics, indoor and outdoor eating throughout the year. Try rendering down some of the sauces to use as a hot dip, for example. Indeed, if you find a great new use for one of my products, I’d love to know about it!

I have special edition products from time to time which are dependent on seasonal availability but I don’t always have pictures and they’re not always on the website, so if you would like more information, contact me and I will send it to you.


Prodotti Artigiani

‘La passione per mangiare – a passion for food’

 I’ve been in the food business for over 25 years. Being passionate about the authenticity of food, I have become shocked, bewildered, horrified and saddened at how food marketing is over-using and exploiting terms like ‘freshly baked’, ‘traditional home-cooked’, ‘quality ingredients’ and ‘genuine Mediterranean flavours’.

Mine was a traditional Italian upbringing in Southern Italy, embracing a farming/peasant culture of growing our own produce and preparing delicious food. It was a cuisine born of necessity and need. We lived off the land where nothing could be wasted and as there were always a lot of mouths to feed it was essential to conserve and preserve during the plentiful times in order to eat just as well through the leaner times; with absolutely nothing to use except the finest, home-grown, natural produce.

In order to make food last and taste consistently good throughout the year we became experts in using unconventional ingredients such as the last green tomatoes on the vine, or conserving olives in beautifully flavoured oils so that they would last. The results were genuinely mouth-watering foods with intense flavours, packed with goodness and sustenance with nothing going to waste – all using traditional culinary methods.

In creating my Prodotti Artigiani range I wanted to share with you the flavours and tastes with which I grew up.