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Q: What makes your products different to similar ones in the supermarket?

A: Because all our ingredients are carefully chosen and prepared over a long period to provide the best possible flavours without preservatives, colourings, flavourings or any other type of artificial additions. Inevitably such labour-intensive and high-quality products attract a premium price, but we think it’s worth it for the amazing flavours that result. When we say ‘genuine Mediterranean flavours’, ‘traditionally home-cooked’, ‘freshly baked’, ‘quality ingredients’, we can back this up and we’re proud of it!

Q: Do you use nuts and/or seeds in your products?

A: When we do it is clearly stated on the label (as in our Panforte). However, although we do keep nuts and seeds on the premises all efforts are made to ensure that no cross-contamination takes place. However, we would advise those with nut allergies to take this into consideration and taste a minute portion of even nut-free products before consuming larger quantities.

Q: Why are some of your products not available all year round?

A: We only use selected, seasonal ingredients. Some of these are either not of the quality we demand or only appear at certain times of the year (such as wild garlic). Accordingly, therefore, there may be times when we are out of stock.

Q: Are your products suitable for vegetarians or people with other dietary preferences/problems?

A: Most of them are, yes. Unless otherwise stated, or if they include meat, for example, they are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and (again unless otherwise stated) are gluten free or suitable for diabetics. Indeed the long slow cooking of most of our range ensures that the fat, sugar and salt content is drastically reduced compared to most conventional manufactured sauces, dips and toppings. Thus those on low-sugar or low-salt regimes can safely use our products.

Q: Is it possible still to use products that have passed the three (or seven) day recommended period of storage after opening?

A: Perfectly possible. The recommended period is that required by law to be placed on the product but we know from experience that, assuming it has been kept refrigerated it will last much longer – up to three weeks in most cases.

Q: Many of your products do have a long shelf-life but can this be affected by storage conditions.

A: Yes. We recommend that all products that do not require refrigeration either immediately or after opening should be kept only in a cool, dark, dry cupboard as other forms of storage where light, heat or damp are involved may drastically affect the longevity of the product.

Q: My products containing olive oil have thickened in the fridge. Is this normal?

A: Totally. Olive oil always thickens to a dense consistency and loses its transparency when refrigerated but this is not in any way harmful. After a few minutes at room temperature the consistency and transparency will return to normal..