Pesto di peperoncino

(Chilli pesto)


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The age-old process I use in making this pesto manages to capture the full flavour of the chillies and not just the heat.  The perfect pesto for chilli-lovers, it is ideally suited to artisan pasta types which traditionally have a bit more ‘bite’ to them.


Please be aware that this product may be made with red or green chillies – depending upon which chillies I think are best and in season.  Therefore the appearance of this product may change (but the taste is still consistently fantastic!).

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Chillies, extra virgin olive oil, distilled vinegar, and seasoning.


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Pesto can take many forms .  However  the pesto from my village in Italy is made with the one (exquisite) ingredient and any additional ingredients (such as pine nuts and parmesan cheese) are added at the table.  This makes my pesto a very versatile product.  It can be used in pasta (of course!) soups, and salads, to name but a few.




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